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For all you yoghurt lovers – here’s a way to do it at home. ‘Course we want you to come try ours when we’re open but in the meantime…


As I get deeper into my training at IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), I feel more and more compelled to cook at home and make foods homemade vs. buying them at the store.  Sometimes this gets to be a bit much, but I do it when I can.  One such item on my “to make” list is ketchup.  I love Heinz, so I’m a tad scared about this endeavor.  However, as I’m sure you inferred from the title, this is not a post about  homemade ketchup (sorry all you ketchup lovers out there), but about homemade yogurt…

Which brings me to my new yogurt maker, EasiYo!  I had never heard of this product until super recently, but that’s probably because it’s a New Zealand thing.  I debated getting one for like 24 hours before I pulled the trigger; sincerest apologies Chobani.

The Pros of Homemade Yogurt

  • Live cultures – in…

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Why “Zest”?


Zest is the first Frozen Yoghurt bar in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK!

Why did we choose the name Zest?

Zest Has Two meanings – in food it is the outer skin of a citrus fruit – full of tangy flavor and oils. In life terms it means “living life with a sense of excitement, anticipation, and energy.” That’s it! That’s what we want for Zest Frozen Yoghurt – a tasty, tangy, flavoursome food that has you feeling excitement, anticipation and gives you lots of energy for living!


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